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Haworth Inc. is a privately held, family-owned office furniture manufacturer headquartered in Holland, Michigan, United States. Founded in 1948 by G. W. Haworth, the company designs and manufactures adaptable workspaces, including movable walls, systems furniture, seating, storage, and wood case goods. Haworth serves markets in more than 120 countries through a global network of 650 dealers. In 2017, Haworth's worldwide sales were US$2.04 billion. Haworth employs nearly 7,500 people worldwide in 20 wholly-owned factories and 55 sales offices.

An angry former employee for Haworth in Michigan, US. said this on January 2018“

"People are usually nice and fun to work with but management breeds a culture in which you are fighting with your coworkers to make rate or keep your job. That ultimately makes the workplace extremely hostile. There is always the fear of losing your job as soon as you make a decent wage, to be replaced by new, cheaper labor. This company has to be the cheapest, penny-pinching, the company I ever worked for! They didn't even want to give you basic cheap work gloves and I remember having to find management to unlock a cabinet for .50 $ pair of gloves, then they wanted to only let you have 1 pair per week! Just one example of the craziness of Haworth!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of politics, toxic working environment. They like to ask ppl to leave anytime without a valid reason."

Former Employee - Team Member says

"This company has long slave hours, uneducated management and highly racist against all minorities. The advancement of any positions were given to those they liked and those they slept with. This whole company needs training in diversity and cultural sensitive, sexual harassment and morality. Some areas are very Dirty places to work at. This company DOES NOT CARE ABOUT FAMILY LIFE/VALUES."

Former Employee - Administrative says

"Leadership is egocentric and and does not care about the actual product- only how fast they can churn it out... any any cost"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Top Management in India is fully biased towards there favourite person and never gives your hardwork a recognition. If you complain to your top management about someone their favourite, they will screw you off completely. No matter CEO agree or not but that is the only truth."

Current Employee - Customer Service says

"If your a female forget it. Your ideas will be worthless until stolen and presented by a man. If your older forget it. You have value only if your young. Horrible office politics and department manager is demoralizing and is not manager material. favoritism. Plant workers are chewed up and spit out. Upper management completely out of touch. Says their a family company but I find that to be untrue. It just sounds good."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Overworked and underpaid..our management team is a joke"

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"The “leadership” is a disaster. They bring in micromanagers to push the most talented, high producing salespeople out. HR and executive leadership likes to demean and turn a blind eye. They say they consider each employee a family “member.” Fortunately this was a “family” I was able to get out of. In the meantime, they will continue to circle the drain while their major competitors continue to gain marketshare."

Former Employee - Finance says

"The pay is significantly lower than industry standards, the people back stab and do not work as team players, if you lie and cheat you will be promoted, people gossip non stop and make up rumors about others, management is very unprofessional and this is just a horrible place to work. The leadership team needs to make a lot of changes in order to retain good talent. The turnover rate is also very high. They put way too much value on specific certifications for example, if you do not have X degree or X certification but are an excellent employee with the experience you will not succeed here. They are very hierarchical and are status driven. Entry level people are not valued and they are expected to remain silent and have no voice in meetings. Haworth does not value it's number 1 asset, the employees."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Unfortunately, the training for this position was horrible. I felt extremely unprepared to start working with my dealerships and not confident with the information I was providing them. Not great pay for the stress and what is required of you. Very heavy workload with little support from management. Haworth cant ship a complete order, creating many issues between the company and the dealerships/customers. If you want to work hours and hours of unpaid overtime, this is your company!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They make sure your gone prior to you bonus fully paid."

Temporary Worker (Former Employee) says

"Worked at this company for 8 months. Never have time with your family. Do not go to the paint Line. They over work you saying you will get hired in to just get let go. They have a guy that can't keep his hands to himself and they do nothing about it because he's hired in. Management sucks they have their favorites. You can bend over backwards for this company just to get a foot in your a** when they're walking you out.There is nonThe entire company"

Machine Operator I (Former Employee) says

"I have read the reviews and as a former employee all of the negative reviews you see are accurate, please think twice before working at the Big Rapids plant they have the exact same issues I’m reading for the Holland plant. I actually quit because of the management"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"The goal of a fulltime job is to, well, ACTUALLY be fulltime. This isnt. Haworth in Big Rapids receives hardly anything from Holland to keep people above 30 hours a week. Was surprised to read they made 2 BILLION DOLLARS IN 2018 - but could care less about trying to keep people employed. We have jobs and families !! Otherwise like the work & people. Great place - no hours.Relaxed atmosphereNo hours"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"I have never work at a place with so much potential that has dragged down so far by bad management. Situations that should be confidential are talked about openly like its middle school all over again. Friends promoting friends with everyone underneath is treated like dogs. Rules being enforced on a person by person basis, and all while the plant manager is rarely present and corporate is being left in the dark.Corporate policy on pay and benefitsManagement"

machine operator (Former Employee) says

"They say when your hired that this is a business that’s all about family but it’s there family you don’t see yours I don’t recomend they say one thing and do something elseThere no prosYou are just a number"

Customer Relationship Management Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The owners are very cool and approachable. But from then on it was the worst job experience of my career. Haworth HR is the worst I have ever seen and they should all be terminated. I/T is like stepping 10 years back in time. Job Seeker BEWARE!!!!Owners are AwesomeHR - Executive Management - IT - TERRIBLE"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"i didnt really care for the job to much it was really hard on my back being bent over trying to put the heavy drawers in the filing cabinetsgood payheavy lifting"

machine operator (Former Employee) says

"do not apply, you're wasting time. the job Haworth INC, Located in Holland Michigan I was called for a possible position of machine operator, I applied in November of 2014 and wasn't called for the position of machine operator till late June in 2015. at this point I was really excited to get the job, but was left with nothing after being promised for 14 an hour pay plus benefits and I went up to Holland for their possible placement testing and scored A's in all 3 testing of comprehension, mathematics and reading in which you will not be paid for, not to mention the 2nd day after reviewing my scores and realizing that I was compatible with what they needed in a employee only to be told after wasting my schooling, time and, money on such a promised position; to be told that we are going to proceed on with other applicants and when asked for the reason I was not able to work for Haworth, they replied with no excuse, not even a lie to at least give closure on why I was not able to work for their company. I did not contact them for a job after November 2014 because I was sent a email confirming that they only would consider possible candidacy from employees in the Holland area and I live in Muskegon, MI. I also was not the only person who was put in the same story, a sum of 40 of us took testing that day only to accept 2 people out of 40 for the 20 positions in which they hiring for. I will never apply for this company EVER AGAIN! I feel it was my duty to tell future employees who look for opportunity from this company to proceed with extreme caution so for you don't waste valuable"

Loader/Unloader (Current Employee) says

"Dont care what employees have to say and are always changing standard work sometimes not informing workers until a supervisor is watching you do it wrong."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"Haworth is run by the ceo and that's it. no other opinions count."

Team member Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management and scheduling is unorganized and unortohdox.They "pretend" to know lean techeniques What a laugh!!!all"

Panel Assembly (Former Employee) says

"Poor communication, poor management, everchanging hours, mandatory o.t. with no notice. Poor job training, ineffective supervision/management."

Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This company was owned by 5 different individuals. That was the first error. They didn't pay their bills on time and actually promised services that they never produced to the customer in the meanwhile never refunding the clients' money.it was a jobyou name it"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"Depends what department you work in. This company can pay good "depending". This company has a strange "drink the kool-aid atmosphere. The security department is a joke. Production is fine for a job."

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"Worked about 7 years at this place leading up to a Team Leader in the rand new walls department I lived for this company even had 6 straight years of perfect attendance. Everything was good until 2012 thats when a new HR REP and a new Manager took over then it became a cess-pool.the manager was so rotten and mean to people he went as far as using profanity and if you were to ever take him to HR you would be putting a bulls-eye on your back both of them word not judge you as a worker they would judge you on if the liked you of not The HR REP even went as far as attending parties with manufacturing workers on the weekend. well needless to say i had an outstanding evaluation every year that i was evaluated then i was set up laid off, i refused to sign the layoff papers and wanted to have meeting with General Manager so they sent me home after that they called me everyday for a week and threatened me if i didn't come in and sign the papers well after about 4 weeks passed by i went and signed the papers because the told me they would fight my unemployment if i didn't sign the papers. They really did a number on me and my family. FACT. i never did get my meeting with the CEO.im sure this Review will not get posted."

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"Bad, back biting managers and some co workers. You are told one thing by the team lead and then completely the opposite by the supervisor. Mistakes are common. Lies are told by the higher ups."

Painter (Former Employee) says

"Great company 20 years ago. The last 10 years was all about only making money. Hostile work environment. No advancement. They expect the hard workers to pick up the slack of the lazy ones.good paymanagement, treated like a number, no job security"

shipping coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The love you as long as you make them the money. No job security and the worst Human Resources dept in the world.they think they walk on water"

machine operator (Former Employee) says

"They care about attracting new employees they do not treat their long-term employees very well lack of pay raise acknowledgement of any kind poorly managed never know what hours are going to work never know if you're going to have a weekend off ever sometimes you only work 20 hours a weekNoneThey don't care about long-term employees"

Team Member (Current Employee) says

"No one communicates with anyone. Not an organized company at all. They expect you to do way more than you should. They have one person do at least 5 people's jobs in some cases.Sometimes you get free lunchesThey expect one person to do 5 different people's jobs"